June 2016

Documenting life with the lens off the camera.

End of the day, catching the last of the light.


The tiny garlic farm.


Morning wrestles.


The storm.


After stopping to watch the sky and then driving through the storm, with the windows open driving down the highway listening to the radio, a poem called 'The Parade' by Billy Collins was read which seems to fit the stormy images captured:

How stimulating the scenery of the world,

the rows of roadside trees,

the huge curtain of the sky.


How endless it seemed until we veered

off the broad turnpike

into a pasture of high grass,

headed toward the dizzying cliffs of mortality.


Generation after generation,

we keep shouldering forward

until we step off the lip into space.


And I should not have to remind you

that little time is given here

to rest on a wayside bench,

to stop and bend to the wildflowers,

or to study a bird on a branch—


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